Supervisor: Claire Rossi

The Food Science platform is a structure devoted to the knowledge sharing and the collaboration among academia and industry. Our research about nutritional biochemistry and natural compounds is valorised and made accessible for the consumer through the development and the implementation of innovative functional food products. The equipment of the Food science platform consists of:

  • A culinary platform for the development of food prototypes (50 m²)including a vacuum packing machine (Milord), a blast chiller/freezer (Electrolux), a processor HOTMIX Pro Gastro (Pacoclean) and a wide range of processors, a food dryer, steam ovens, large-volume water baths, ice cream maker,….)

  • A platform for physicochemical and rheological characterization of food (50 m²) equipped with:

    • testorometers CT3 (Brookfield)
    • rotational viscosimeter (Lamy Rheology)
    • aw meter
    • optical microscopes
    • colorimeters
    • UV-Vis spectrometer
    • pH meters (for liquid and paste food matrixes)
  • A sensory analysis room (8 stations working under the software Fizz)

In 2018, Hush (a warm fruit beverage), a food product created on the Food Science platform, won the gold award at the competition Ecotrophélia France and the award of the best innovation at the competition Ecotrophélia Europe. Ecotrophélia are the national and European reference competitions in food innovation.