Unsolicited applications

The lab is accepting application for internships (preferentially with Erasmus supports or similar) or future PhD or post-doctorant  looking for a host laboratory in the frame of a fellowship demand (national, international,…). If you are interested, please use “contact” and don’t forget to mention the research theme you intend to work on.

Breaking News

24 September  2021, 14:00, UTC (France):

PhD defense:  Direct writing of micro and nanostructures via two-photon stereolithography for the design of molecularly imprinted polymer-based sensing elements” – Ernesto  Paruli III

30 September  2021, 14:00, UTC (France):

PhD defense:  Single-chain variable fragments and Molecularly Imprinted Polymers directed against endothelin receptors – type B for cancer cells targeting” – Melissa Sedkaoui

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