Supervisor: Sonia RIPPA


The radioactivity laboratory is specifically dedicated to the preparation and the measurements of the radioactive samples. It complies with the security requirements and enables to handle unsealed 3H and 14C labelled compounds. The laboratory is especially equipped with a chemical filter hood with a carbon filter for radioactivity manipulation, a Perkin Elmer 1450 Microbeta Trilux plate scintillation counter and a Cyclone Phosphor Imager for radioactivity detection or quantification.

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24 September  2021, 14:00, UTC (France):

PhD defense:  Direct writing of micro and nanostructures via two-photon stereolithography for the design of molecularly imprinted polymer-based sensing elements” – Ernesto  Paruli III

30 September  2021, 14:00, UTC (France):

PhD defense:  Single-chain variable fragments and Molecularly Imprinted Polymers directed against endothelin receptors – type B for cancer cells targeting” – Melissa Sedkaoui

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