Supervisor: Sonia RIPPA

Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory

The Biosafety level 2 molecular and cellular laboratory is dedicated to manipulation of biological agents with moderate potential hazard to persons and environment: BL2 microbes causing mild disease to humans or difficult to contract via aerosols, human primary cells, and BL2 GMOs.

Our 160 m2 facility is composed of a cloakroom, a cold room, a dishwashing/autoclaving room and 7 rooms under negative pressure to perform experiments on BL2 agents (one human cell culture room, three microbe culture rooms, one electrophoresis room, one radioactivity room, and one biochemistry room).

When necessary, experiments are carried out in one of the five BL2 microbiological safety cabinets.

The equipment allows to perform all steps from cell culture to extraction, purification and analysis of interest molecules (nucleic acids, proteins): thermostatic incubators (CO2, static, rotating),  centrifuges, -80° freezer, electrophoresis devices, PCR machine, scintillation counter, phosphorimager…

For requesting access to BL2, please fill the following form: L2 access request

S2 greenhouse and plant growth chambers

The S2 greenhouse comprises one technical laboratory with three adjacent plant culture rooms of 7 m2 each with individually programmable culture conditions dedicated to plant GMOs. Access is via an airlock to separate the interior and exterior atmospheres. The whole facility is always maintained under negative pressure. The air is filtered, the effluent waste water is chemically treated and the solid waste is autoclaved. The use of the greenhouse is strictly regulated to avoid any risk of dissemination of transgenic microorganisms, pollen and grains into the environment. Seven static or rotating growth chambers for in vitro cultures and a seed storage incubator complete the equipment dedicated to plant and plant cell culture.

For requesting access to our S2 greenhouse, please fill the following form: S2 access request

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